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John Bercow Speaks For Millions When He Objects To Donny Dump Addressing Parliament

In just three minutes The Speaker sums up what many in the country feel about Tess Mayday offering her withered hand in friendship to such an unpleasant individual such as Donny Dump. Fine if she wants to invite him round … Continue reading

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Has ‘Somebody’ Put The Squeeze On The BBC Today?

Twenty minutes into PMQs a protest took place in the lobby of the House of Commons. The BBC had a reporter there and he reported it live. Police were involved and protesters, some in wheelchairs, were seen to hold up … Continue reading

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So Much To Do In The Commons And All The SNP Can Do Is Worry About A Seat!

We couldn’t make this cak up. Really, even here at the offices of TheField, we would never have thought of this to do on the first day back at school. With everything that needs sorting out what would you imagine … Continue reading

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Lucy Powell MP Poses An Interesting Question Concerning ‘Pairing’

Lucy Powell MP was incorrectly accused of being lazy by the sun. She had not been attending The House but what the sun didn’t know was that she was pregnant and on maternity leave. She did continue to work at … Continue reading

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Seven Things Ian Kennedy Forgot To Mention

Reduced Numbers Second Jobs Expenses Holidays Three Conference Weeks Attendance Accountability 1) No mention of any reduction in the 650 seats currently in the Commons. Difficult to see how the overall cost of Government is going to be significantly reduced. 2) … Continue reading

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