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HS2 Boss Escapes The Sinking Ship Before The Bilge Reaches Head High!

Well this looks a good one! Simon Kirby has deserted his post at the HS2 and scurried over to Rolls-Royce. He has done it amid accusations that he has done a ‘runner’ before the ‘true scale of the mess he … Continue reading

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For ‘Made In Britain’ Read ‘Owned By China’

The total sell off of our country continues at a pace as Gideon and Pig-Boy Cameron fall over themselves to sell everything they can lay their hands on. Anything, and we really do mean ANYTHING, they can get into they … Continue reading

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Tory Policy – If You Don’t Like It? Just Block It!

The governments own Major Projects Authority produced a report on the HS2 folly but in 2011. You have probably not heard about it though because transport ministers used an ‘exceptional’ power of veto to block it. Using our money to pay … Continue reading

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So Who Is Looking To Ride The HS2 Tory Gravy Train?

Well here are two who seem to have had a ticket to ride this Folly for quite sometime! LINK then a further link once you are there

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HS2: Biggest Ever Bill Goes Before Parliament

There is a lot of tosh going on here. No doubt our wonderful MPs will be working out how they can get a claim form in as they read all 55,000 pages of this Tory Folly. Nadhim Zahawi will certainly be working very … Continue reading

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India Launch Rocket Folly To Mars Costing Over £60M

This is the same India where poverty can be seen at a heartbreaking level on the streets and who we give £200M worth of Overseas Aid to. It’s hard to imagine that politicians could be so keen to posture on the … Continue reading

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How Far Out Of His Depth Is Patrick Mcloughlin?

On Newsnight tonight Emily Maitlis showed what a complete toss-pot this poor git is. So out of his depth it was pathetic to watch. Still – he does like his trains.

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