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Iain And Duncan Smith: The Most Wasteful Waste Of Space In The Cabinet?

Benefits reform has wasted at least £140 million IT development has written off £425 million Purchase orders approved to the value of £8.7 million Two purchase orders of £22.6 m and £1.1 m when the budget was £10 million So why hasn’t … Continue reading

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Bedroom Tax Tragedy Must Act As A Wake-Up Call

The vile pair of Iain and Duncan Smith might wonder how they are going to sleep tonight given the suicide note left by Stephanie Bottrill after she threw herself in front of a motorway lorry. LINK Our condolences to her family. It … Continue reading

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Utter Failures Iain & Duncan Smith Are Sent A Letter

Link To The Letter –‘Turned 40’ A great Blog from someone who has, with no help from Iain or Duncan ‘We live in a mansion for free’ Smith, got themselves a job after 15 months. You really should read it. Thinking about … Continue reading

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Iain And Duncan Smith Avoid The Uncomfortable Truth

The Office for National Statistics said the number of people unemployed fell by 14,000 to 2.5 million between October and December 2012. The twins think that this can only be a good thing but then we do know he is a … Continue reading

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