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Jacob Ree-Smugg Confirms, Again, What A Clueless, Out-Of-Touch, Tory Twat He Is

Only an utterly clueless prat would imagine that people forced to look for help with feeding their families would be “rather uplifting”. How big an arse do you have to be to imagine that? Clearly someone from a highly privileged … Continue reading

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What A Fracking Prat That Howell Is – Father In-Law To Osborne

This is the father-in-law of Posh Prat, Tory Tosser, Smug Git Gideon Osborne. Fracking should be carried out in the North East of England, where there are large, “desolate” areas, a former energy secretary and still father in-law to Osborne … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: A Chance To Come Clean

We at The FordingtonField will give to a charity of his choice a cheque for five hundred of our British pennies if he can prove – to our satisfaction– that he does not wear Shredded Wheat on his head. A … Continue reading

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