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Now His Own Church Points Out What A Nasty Piece Of Work IDS Is

Pretty obvious that the arrogant, conceited, spiteful Iain Duncan Smith will not take any notice of a blog like this but you’d think he might, as a Catholic, take note of over 70 prominent Catholics who tell him he’s got … Continue reading

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Just How Utterly Clueless IS Esther McViz?

Totally bloody clueless! We doubt she knows her arse from her elbow. Look at this latest load of cak she’s coming out with – “Help using computers” for the over-50s. Cheeky cow! Yeah, I really, really need help; the daft … Continue reading

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Cameron Campaign In Chaos As Polls Predict Conservative Collapse

Off-Shore Cameron will not like the look of the Polls in his Sunday paper when he gets back home today. They show a shocking lack of trust in his Nasty Party and that the majority of his front benchers are … Continue reading

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Inflation Rate Falls – It Is Déjà Vu All Over Again!

We are being told that the rate of inflation, as calculated by the Consume Prices Index, has fallen from 1.5% to just 1.2 % – the lowest RISE since 2009.It’s NOT gone DOWN, it’s just not gone UP as much … Continue reading

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That Nice IDS Is On At The Party Conference

That really sweet set of twins, Iain and Duncan Smith, are both appearing at the Tory Conference right now!

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IDS And McViz Sent Out To Defend The Indefensible

The BBC has carried out a little investigation into The Bedroom Tax. That’s The Bedroom Tax for those hard of reading. They discovered some interesting figures. 5% used to move home, according to Grant Schnapps 6% move home now, according … Continue reading

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IDS And Esther McViz Reflect On Their Conduct In The Food Bank Debate

No apology or compassion shown by either of these two soulless creatures. One, who has a failed attempt at leadership of the Nasty Party as a high-point on his CV, and the other, a D – List TV presenter who flashed … Continue reading

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