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Obedient Media Do As They Are Told By Gideon As He Causes A Minor Distraction

The BBC and SKY couldn’t wait to bring you this story from the office of Gideon Osborne. After years of working at the problem our famous Bullingdon Boy has come up with a scheme to end inheritance tax. Wow! The … Continue reading

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Cameron To Explain Tax Avoidance To The G8 Leaders

Can’t think why this vision came into our heads.

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Is Cameron Suffering From Selective Amnesia At The G8?

Does he never look in the mirror before he delivers his speeches? Tax Transparency indeed! Cameron And The Points We Think He Should Address

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That Old Hodge MP and Stemcor Story Seems To Pop Up Again

For those who are interested in this story they might like to follow this LINK. We’ve lost track of it here, which was what all the smoke and mirrors was designed to do, but others have kept up-to-date. Seems to … Continue reading

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