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The Interweb Is Becoming Less & Less Free And More & More Unequal

Who said this? Sir Tim Berners-Lee, ‘The Master’, the inventor of The Web. Sir Tim said: “It’s time to recognise the internet as a basic human right. “That means guaranteeing affordable access for all, ensuring internet packets are delivered without … Continue reading

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Rural Broadband IS A Rip-Off, From Dorset

The roll-out of high speed broadband across rural UK is a right bloody farce and we should know. Don’t believe a cock-sure Ed Vaizey (private school and Oxford) who thinks being rural is sitting in a walled garden in the middle … Continue reading

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Rural Roll-Out Of Broadband: Half-Cock From Cameron As Usual

As usual all the lofty words from Cameron and Hunt (now £80K Miller) amount to bugger all out in the real world. Their idea of a Superfast Broadband Across The Country is already 2 years off the mark. By 2015 just 9 … Continue reading

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