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The Next Time An MP Tells You How Good Your Broadband Is Remember This

It’s likely to be that idiot Matt Handcock who really doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. He will not like the results of a Which survey. They found that 1 in 5 {20%} of householders have to suffer … Continue reading

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Chief Reporter Admits He Is ‘The Creator Of Fake News’ Shocker!

We here at TheField are staggered to discover that there are some people using the Interweb to spread fake news. At first we automatically assumed that The Wail, The Scum and The Ex-Press had finally been uncovered but it seems … Continue reading

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When You Are In A Hole Just Stop Digging Morgan-Gove

There is a lesson for the whole of the government here. When it comes to any reform of their working conditions then nothing changes. There are still 650 seats in the House and there are now more Lords than 6 … Continue reading

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The Interweb Is Becoming Less & Less Free And More & More Unequal

Who said this? Sir Tim Berners-Lee, ‘The Master’, the inventor of The Web. Sir Tim said: “It’s time to recognise the internet as a basic human right. “That means guaranteeing affordable access for all, ensuring internet packets are delivered without … Continue reading

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It’s The Politicians That Come NEXT That Worry Us At The Field

Threats of violence, of any kind or description, are not to be tolerated. That applies equally to the Interweb as it does to the real world. Few would not recognise what the vast majority would say is violence – it’s pretty … Continue reading

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Children Exploit Parents With Nothing Between Their Ears

The OFT is concerned about in-game charges, saying it has seen evidence of “potentially unfair and aggressive commercial practices” after studying 38 popular titles. It has not said which they are. LINK CHILDREN might be particularly susceptible to such tactics, it … Continue reading

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We Wonder If Theresa ‘Maggie’ May Has Seen This Advert?

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3 Things MPs Need To Find Out About Computing & ICT

There are only 3 things we ask our politicians to try and understand the differences between. Be a really good idea if they all did it before giving any interviews any time soon. Especially Perry MP. Learn What Is: An … Continue reading

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