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Private Eye – Time Gollum Gove & Rupert Murdouchebag Were Investigated

The wonderful Ian Hislop had the opportunity to speak to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee of MPs today. He wasted no time in telling them that an investigation into the relationship between Gollum Gove and The Murdouchebag was … Continue reading

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Cameron Feels The Heat From The Energy Companies

Realising that Energy Companies are a hot-potato Off-Shore Cameron decided to best defence was attack. He checked in his Sir Humphrey Appleby book of dodging and then confirmed the action with Lynton Crosby. The voters want something done about them, … Continue reading

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Hillsborough Investigation Tonight At 9 O’Clock

An investigation reveals how many people played a part in burying the truth about Britain’s worst football disaster, in which 96 fans died during the 1989 FA Cup semi-final. Keep an eye wide open for whose fingerprints are all over … Continue reading

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Justice For All

Notice how quickly the legal system swings into action because one politician lost his job? What a shame it wasn’t as quick when 96 people lost their lives.

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