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Looks Like Not Everybody Is Impressed With Apple Customer Care

A man walks into a shop, it’s an Apple shop. He takes out a metal ball and then smashes the faces of as many iPhones as he can lay his hands on. No, it’s not a joke – he really … Continue reading

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Just How Dumb Do You Have To Be To Own An iPhone?

As you know, if you are a regular reader, we have no time for Apple who are just a bunch of rip-off artists as far as we are concerned . You will also know that we consider the half-wits who sit … Continue reading

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Your First Chance To Get An iPhone 5S Or The Cheapskate iPhone 5C

Make sure you race to be the first to own one!

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Apple Get Pips Squeezed The First Time In 10 Years

Has it all gone pear-shaped? LINK

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The BBC Sounds Good Today

Let’s hope they keep it up. Here is a nice little plug from the BBC for their secret sponsors Apple aimed specifically at impressionable children. A wonderful piece of advertising on the BBC, yet again, that tries to make out it ‘doesn’t have any adverts’. Sure. … Continue reading

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How We Wish We Had An Apple iPhone 5

It really does work SO, SO well!!! The Samsung Galaxy is available, is miles better and works with Flash. Here, check out just how good an Apple iPhone 5 really is.

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