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So Who Is Pulling John Chilcot’s Strings?

So why has the Inquiry into the Iraq War taken this long and why is it now going to take even longer? There is a point in time for the public where the word Delay starts to sound a lot … Continue reading

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Tiny Steps, Tiny Steps, Creep, Creep – Iraq

Creepy Michael Forlorn-Hope has been out and about slithering between media outlets. We know this because of the slimy trail he left behind him which made it easy to follow his itinerary. {correct, we can’t stand the greasy git} He … Continue reading

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From The BBC: ‘Now We Go Over To Liam Fox’

Does Liam Fox sleep in the BBC foyer these days?

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The ‘Perfect’ Defence – Tory Bliar

“I truly believe, honestly and genuinely, that this IS a real bear” What a defence! He’s not ‘lying’ because he ‘believes’ it to be true. Brilliant!

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Monday 10:35 – The Lies About WMD On The 10th Anniversary

Panaorama has an hour special on the tenth anniversary of The Iraq War. Maybe we will finally get the truth behind the fabrication, wishful thinking and lies. “The Spies Who Fooled The World” Looks like the BBC have been on … Continue reading

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