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So Who Is Pulling John Chilcot’s Strings?

So why has the Inquiry into the Iraq War taken this long and why is it now going to take even longer? There is a point in time for the public where the word Delay starts to sound a lot … Continue reading

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Remember Geoff Hoon? “We Will Find Weapons Of Mass Destruction.”

The defence secretary in April 2003 was Geoff Hoon MP and he spoke with total conviction. He insisted to the whole nation: “As I’ve made clear, we will find weapons of mass destruction.” Answering questions from MPs on day 19 of … Continue reading

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Jack Straw Might Want To Look In The Mirror

We realise he needs to sell a book but does he need to include stuff like this? Of Mr Smith’s drinking, he (Straw) adds: ‘It is not  possible for someone that dependent on alcohol to determine, in advance, when he  needed … Continue reading

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