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Jeremy Corbyn Appears As Top Of The Bill At The Pyramid Stage On Saturday

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is to appear on stage at Worthy Farm at next week’s Glastonbury Festival. The Labour supremo, who has been officially endorsed by the UK grime scene, will address crowds at the Pyramid Stage on the Saturday afternoon … Continue reading

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The Hunt Assumes The Role Of Emperor Nero As He Ignores The Chaos All Around Him

Jeremy Hunt is, as poll after poll results show us, the most useless Cabinet Minister currently in a post. He was a pointless waste of space when Dodgy-Dave gave him a job and has been even worse since May decided … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Tess And The Hunt Accept The Truth About The NHS?

We all know they want to privatise our NHS but why are they prepared to make themselves look so stupid by lying about it? They both know that the NHS has been underfunded for at least 7 years now and … Continue reading

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Cak-For-Brains Jeremy The Hunt Is Slapped Down For Playing With His Phone In The House

This is all part of the Cocky-Conservative attitude that exists on their front bench. They play the ‘disruptive-adolescent’ whenever anybody is talking to them. Nobody has quite come to the point of chewing gum, rolling it around on their finger … Continue reading

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Jeremy Isa Hunt Really Has Some Neck On Him

“Just as a manager wouldn’t expect to keep their job if they lost control of their finances nor should they expect to keep it if they lose control of the care in their organisation.” This bloke just lives in a … Continue reading

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