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Westminster Dress Code: What Have The Boys From Exeter Started?

Well it all seemed like a joke when boys from the Isca Academy turned up wearing skirts because of the weather but maybe their protest has reached further afield than just Devon? They were protesting that they were not allowed … Continue reading

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John Bercow Speaks For Millions When He Objects To Donny Dump Addressing Parliament

In just three minutes The Speaker sums up what many in the country feel about Tess Mayday offering her withered hand in friendship to such an unpleasant individual such as Donny Dump. Fine if she wants to invite him round … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Speakers – Australia & UK

Ever heard of Bronwyn Bishop? She was working as the Speaker in the Australian Parliament. You could think of her as the Australian equivalent to our John Bercow. Now poor Bronwyn went and got herself caught up in an expenses scandal. … Continue reading

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John Bercow Sticks It To Dodgy Dave On The Last Day Of Term

A shabby, spiteful Chicken-Cameron sent Billy-Boy Vague out, with his little butt-kisser Ollie, to try and get John Bercow sacked. Dodgy Dave doesn’t like Bercow much because as Speaker he tells Cameron to get on with it. Having had 5 … Continue reading

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Moving Cameras In The Commons And Why We Need Them Now

We have said for over 2 years now that the cameras set-up in the House of Commons need to be moving ones. With the use of the Red Button we have also advocated the ability to choose which view we … Continue reading

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Select Committee Members: Finally Someone Wakes Up!

John Bercow is the first one to spot that there might just be a conflict of interest when a committee member is being paid by a company they are looking into. Fair play to him, at least he is doing … Continue reading

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Sir Humphrey Appleby Would Be SO Proud

“Security implications.” was the great catch-all that Sir Humphrey would use in ‘Yes, Minister’. That would end all conversation and Sir Humphrey would get his way. Seems John Bercow has learnt this one and is trying to use it to … Continue reading

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