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The Heavy-Weight John Major Lays Into Boorish Johnson On A Sunday Morning

It would seem that ‘Vote Remain’ have recruited a new Attack-Dog. None other than the shape and face of ex-Prime Minister John Major! We can only assume that they reasoned that if he could ‘handle’ Ed-Whiner Curry then he could … Continue reading

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Cameron Performs A Volte-Face On Green Issues

Off-Shore Cameron demonstrated just how devoid of principles he is today. With the polls looking to be turning against him he’ll do anything. With no ideas of his own all he can do is jump on a bandwagon; just as he … Continue reading

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Just How Out Of Touch Is John Major??

Now we wouldn’t want to be the ones to state the blindingly obvious but how the hell does that help someone who has to choose between Eating and Heating? It’s the price of energy you idiot not what Tax you can send … Continue reading

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