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Dr Lauren Gavaghan’s Passionate Defence Of OUR NHS {From LBC}

Dr Lauren Gavaghan gave a passionate tour de force on why the Junior Doctors’ strike is not just about weekends. Dr Lauren Gavaghan’s blistering speech on James O’Brien’s show has gone viral with over 750,000 people watching it. She insists that … Continue reading

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Jeremy Isa Hunt Proves Once Again What A Pointless Puppet He Is

Just check out the nodding donkey as he talks utter cak for nearly five minutes. He can’t answer the questions put to him by Jon Snow and simple waffles on his own little world. He’s a total joke and it … Continue reading

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Is Jeremy Hunt An Idiot Or Simply A Glove Puppet?

Jerry Isa Hunt doesn’t have a lot going for him really. He constantly has that ‘blank stare into the abyss’ look about him and always suggests he doesn’t know his arse from anyone’s elbow. He is still trying to peddle … Continue reading

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