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Prince George Tells The Field – “I’m Delighted At The News!”

That ginger scamp, Prince George, was running around this morning like a tank commander! He was so excited as news came that he is about to be joined by another drain on the taxpayer! Between tears of joy Ginger-George told … Continue reading

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Hilary Mantel And The Key Part She Left Out

No regular reader is going to be surprised that we liked the piece from Hilary Mantel.  Sycophants tend to struggle with the truth so it wasn’t a shock that the likes of Pointless Clogger Clegg, Off-Shore and Adenoid wanted to defend her. We have a … Continue reading

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The New Royal Beach Photos – We Have Them NOW!

At great expense The Field has managed to secure the original photographs of Kate on the beach in Australia. The genuine Aussie photographer told us, “I had to sit on the beach for hours to snap this one for the … Continue reading

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Kate Middleton And Her Olympic Legacy

Wasn’t it just wonderful to see the lovely Kate playing hockey today. It was great to see that she was able to perform at the very highest level even though she had kept her overcoat on to keep warm. Even … Continue reading

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Middleton: Why Would The Rest Of The World Care?

Can’t help but feel there is a dreadful arrogance being shown here by a lot of establishment figures. Why would anyone beyond this tiny island show any special deference to Kate Middleton? She means very little to them. Not sure she … Continue reading

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