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Kate And Bill Help Out Tess As Brexit ‘Plans’ Start To Hit The Fan

Just as all the so-called plans that Tess has for Brexit all gather like a dark cloud a couple come to the rescue. Just as she was thinking her Conference was going to turn into a backstabber’s convention along come … Continue reading

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Publicity Seeking Royal Couple Concerned That They Keep Having Their Pictures Taken

Billy Windsor is jolly well angry with nasty people who keep trying to take pictures of him and his family. He doesn’t have a lot to do these days so he seems to have stepped into the shoes of his … Continue reading

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Happy Royal Families At The Trooping Of The Colour

They all looked very pleased with themselves this morning. Mind you, THEY can afford to!

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Oh Good – Another Royal For Us To Pay For

At The Field we are all really, really delighted that the Royal Family has had yet another child for the rest of us to pay for. We all feel very honoured. Let’s all hope that the little girl doesn’t find … Continue reading

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Prince George – The Latest Photos

He Looks More And More Like His Dad Every Day

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The Royals – Just How Dumb Do The Media Think We Are?

The level of trivia that has been broadcast and printed has reached a new level. The term ‘trite’ wouldn’t be too harsh. Sky News has been toe-curling but the BBC has managed to sink even lower. The Royals have dared … Continue reading

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Willy Windsor Clearly Didn’t Learn Any Cricket At Eton

Why do the royals do it? We all know they are pretty limited, but what is this overwhelming desire they have to let everybody know? Denis Thatcher came out with one good line that others would do well to follow, … Continue reading

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