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The Royals Get Upset Having Their Picture Taken

They want to live as ‘normal people’. Well they could always abdicate. No, we thought they wouldn’t. Life is far too easy for them for that to happen.

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Those Royal Pictures From Kate

A lot of cak coming out about how ‘good’ they are and that she has an ‘eye’ for it. Well they seem to be in focus and she managed to avoid camera shake but beyond that then don’t get too … Continue reading

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We Take You ‘Closer’ To THOSE Photos

Where the rest of the British press have been scared we believe in the freedom of the press. Having fully authenticated these photographs and with assurances from the photographer with regard to the fact they are the genuine snaps we … Continue reading

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Good Old Kate!

Wonder who wrote and then typed it out for her? Just a thought. ff “And you say that ‘thing’ is a camera and the long thing is a ‘telephoto lens’. Amazing!” Just an after thought. ff

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