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Just How Vile Is Kelvin MacKenzie?

We thought this was the trailer for an episode of ‘The Thick Of It’. Just how low can this individual go? Swimming with sewer rats and even they are repulsed by him. You really shouldn’t buy ANYTHING that in any way … Continue reading

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Where Is This Big-Mouthed Gob-Shite?

Has anybody seen this loathsome individual? Let’s hope we have enough Border Control Officers to refuse him entry to the country.

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Does This Mouthy Git Think That Makes Up For 23 Years Of Lying?

To pick-up on a tweet: He should now be refered to as – Kelvin MacKenzie the lying toad who is the former editor of the disgraced Sun newswrapper.

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Where Is This Mouthy Git Today?

Always ready to shoot his big fat gob off but we don’t seem to have heard from this tosser.

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