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Very, Very Sad News

There are no words.

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British Justice – RIP

We’ve never liked Michael Forlorn-Hope. Dreadful man. Even worse is he’s a creep and toad. The first one to lick the arse of the one above him on the ladder but to hear him defending state assassination turns a new … Continue reading

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American Dentist Walter Palmer, From Minnesota – The Biggest Arse On The Planet?

Is Walter Palmer the biggest arsehole around just at the moment? Not only does he think shooting wildlife is ‘sport’, the sad pathetic bastard, but he then thinks he needs to put pictures of the butchered animals online for all … Continue reading

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Please Remember Reeva Steenkamp Was Shot Dead

We wrote this headline some 18 months ago. We write it again today. A poor woman who was shot dead by her ‘boyfriend’ seems to have been forgotten today by the legal system – if that IS what it is. Poor … Continue reading

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