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The MCC Look To Bring Cricket Up To Date With Major Law Changes

We might yet see the Red Card appear on a cricket pitch somewhere as umpires are given the power to send players off. They can be dismissed for poor on-field behaviour. That might see an end to all that ridiculous … Continue reading

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England Still On Track For The Grand Slam

Some interesting results over the weekend and some interesting tactics employed as well. All perfectly legal and within the Laws but we don’t really want to see rugby reduced to a non-contact sport. “Standing Off” worked for 40 minutes but … Continue reading

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So What’s Gone Wrong With Rugby Union?

Some of us in the office here were playing rugby union back in 1967. Yes, we are still alive. A couple of us played a decent level such as County along with Area teams and one bloke even had an … Continue reading

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David Laws Is A Bit Of A Shit – Suggests His Father

Father of disgraced David Laws says “the Lib Dem deserves to be in jail over expenses.” But What’s-the-point-of-Nick-Clegg welcomed him with open arms. Just how toe-curling was that? This is what his OWN FATHER thinks. This is what WE think.

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