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Premier League: The Top

Oh dear, what a shame, never mind! Arsenal lose yet again. What were they singing, “Sacked in the morning, You’re getting sacked in the morning!” What is the matter with the silly old git? Can’t he work out he’s too … Continue reading

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G20: World Leaders – What A Very Odd Bunch

No doubt they all enjoyed the food and drink on offer. Well, at least they got something out of it. There were just a few moments for our entertainment though. They really don’t like one another.  

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Electing Your Party Leader – What An Utter Shambles!

Well it started with the Tories. Dodgy said he’d be leader until 2020 but then decided to have a referendum that he didn’t need to call for another 3 years. He loses the vote with the electorate which somehow transpires … Continue reading

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Disappointing Response From Head Of Ofsted To The Problems Of Finding School Leaders

Michael Wilshaw recognises that our schools need good leadership which given he is head of Ofsted is a good start. He has even given Morgan-Gove a Paper on how to ensure that schools have strong leaders in the future. He … Continue reading

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The Need For A Humanitarian Response Has Party Leaders Left Looking At Their Shoes

With people dying in the seas off of Italy why does it feel like our leaders have that ‘I don’t want to be involved’ look about them? They know what they should be doing but their sad desire, at erection … Continue reading

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El Presidente Cameron Given A Swift Kick In The Knackers

Our glorious leader has been getting a little ahead of himself. He has started to think that he rules the world and can tell everyone what to do. Clearly this is always going to be a problem for anyone who … Continue reading

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What Are The Leaders Doing About The Greenpeace 30?

Russia detains 30 members of Greenpeace and has done since 18th September on made-up charges because they were actually taking part in a protest. GP LINK This was the group was initially charged with piracy, before this charge was replaced by the … Continue reading

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