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Cameron Moves Outside Of His Country Estate And Reveals What An Ignorant Prat He Really Is

No doubt having picked up his passport, Dodgy-Dave went out on expedition. He fancied a trip to the ‘Frozen North’ and decided to head off towards Yorkshire; wherever that is? He claimed he was going there to deliver a speech … Continue reading

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The BBC Discover ‘The Tour’ – Real ‘Finger On The Pulse’ News Gathering!

Do you remember when the only place you could find out anything about ‘The Tour’ was on Channel 4? If you had it then you could also see it on Euro-Sport. It hardly got so much as a passing glance … Continue reading

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£77m To Be Spent By Cameron On Cycling In England Cities

Doesn’t that sound great? Few people would begrudge Cameron spending that much money to benefit us poor plebs in these days of austerity. Well we would but you had guessed that already. So why are we such a miserable bunch when … Continue reading

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Leeds General Infirmary Halts Surgery: Why Does This Have A ‘Nasty’ Stink About It?

A day after a high court judge ruled it could carry on performing heart surgery on children telephone calls from two surgeons have led to the suspension of such surgery. The claim is that they death-rate statistics are abnormally high at Leeds … Continue reading

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So Did Cameron Ever Really Eat A Pasty?

Who remembers this load of old tosh? (You don’t have to suffer all his trite because it’s just the last 40 sec. ff) Who thinks he even knows what a pasty looks like? We thought we’d check out the whole “Leeds … Continue reading

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