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Heaton-Harris Insists He Was ‘Working Alone’ On McCarthyite Inquiry

On the face of it the letter seemed to make a simple request until thought was given to the motivation behind it. Just why did Tory MP and Eurosceptic, Chris Heaton-Harris, want to know the names of university professors teaching Brexit? … Continue reading

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Now His Own Church Points Out What A Nasty Piece Of Work IDS Is

Pretty obvious that the arrogant, conceited, spiteful Iain Duncan Smith will not take any notice of a blog like this but you’d think he might, as a Catholic, take note of over 70 prominent Catholics who tell him he’s got … Continue reading

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The Telegraph In Spoof ‘Letter From The 100’ April Fool

The Telegraph pulled a belter today as they published, on their front page, a ‘letter’ that they claimed ‘over 100’ business chiefs had apparently signed! BBC News and Sky News fell over themselves to try and report the story before … Continue reading

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David Cameron In ‘Evading The Question Shocker!!’

Well known for never, ever answering a question at the curiously named ‘Prime Minister’s Questions’, Off-Shore Cameron has now extended his scope. He has now taken to evading the question put to him by a 10 year old. Unfortunately for … Continue reading

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Off-Shore Cameron Given Yet Another Slap This Week!


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