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Let’s Have It Right – May Has NOT Set Up Two NEW Inquiries

The two inquiries were already running!!!  Talk about trying to make herself look good. You’d start to think she fancies herself as the next Prime Minister – heaven forbid! Operation Herne has been running for some time as has the … Continue reading

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The Leveson Vote On Monday – All Down To Trust

It boils down to who do you believe. These people who were hounded by the press? Or these characters who seem to struggle to remember as much as their own name? Worth recalling what Off-Shore Cameron promised because he certainly can’t … Continue reading

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Cameron Shows His ‘Other’ Face Today

“Downing Street complains over Evan Davis’s Gideon Osborne interview” Off-Shore Cameron didn’t like the way that his ‘front-bench’ best mate got a right showing-up this morning. He decided to complain which is sort of odd in so many ways. He clearly … Continue reading

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The Leveson Inquiry: Three Things They Want You To Ignore

There is a whole school of red herring swimming about with this one and the media are doing their very best. They are all working hard to make out that something they are not interested in is something that should … Continue reading

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Cameron And The Great Leveson Distraction

Wonderful stuff going on at the moment. A totally tangential path being mapped out for the public to follow that completely misses the point. Tory Bliar was a master at this but we have to give credit to Off-Shore Cameron … Continue reading

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Lord Leveson Report: The Full Analysis

We got match day tickets for the Champions League Final some 9 months ago. All of us in the office got very excited. At that time we didn’t know who would be in the final but we didn’t worry about … Continue reading

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