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Tess May-Day Is About To Sell The UK Because 17M Thought It Might Be A Good Idea

All we have between us and destitution are three utter failures. May-Day appointed 3 failed politicians to save us and protect us from the tsunami that leaving the EU will bring. She gave the job to Davis, Johnson and Dodgy-Fox. … Continue reading

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So Why Does Liam Fox Get His Face On The Telly And In Print At The Drop Of A Hat?

He’s always good for Sunday-Sofa somewhere. Usually the BBC but he’s not that fussy. For some bizarre reason that escapes us at TheField Liam Fox can get a platform to talk any old cak he’s just thought of as easy … Continue reading

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From The BBC: ‘Now We Go Over To Liam Fox’

Does Liam Fox sleep in the BBC foyer these days?

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Hard To Believe What Our Penny Pinching MPs Will Claim Expenses For

Who in their right mind would go to the trouble of filling out an expenses claim form for 3p? Yes, that is not a typo – a claim for travelling expenses of THREE PENCE? Liam ‘He’s Just A Good Friend Of … Continue reading

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