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Don’t You Just Love The Way Politicians KNOW Why You Voted?

How many of you have noticed how politicians actually allow us to vote on something and then afterwards tell us what it was we were really voting for? They talk to a few voters and, somehow, this tells them everything! … Continue reading

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Charles Peter Kennedy RIP

Very, very sad.

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It Seems There Is “Insufficient Evidence” Concerning Lord Rennard

The 52-year-old peer had been accused of behaving inappropriately towards a number of women including touching them without their consent. The Metropolitan Police have decided there was not enough evidence to proceed with a prosecution of Rennard. However a Lib Dem spokesman said: “The decision … Continue reading

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The Scammers Are Out In Force In Glasgow

Our under-cover reporter has made an amazing discovery. Working in the seedy side of politics has meant that she been able to let us in on a secret that the FibDems wanted held back. She told us, “Through my investigation … Continue reading

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LibDem: Those On Minimum Wage To Pay No Income Tax After Next Election

Nock Clogg says he will push to ensure no one on the minimum wage pays income tax if the FibDems are in government after the next election. (as f###### if!!!) So then Nick, is that a Pledge, a Promise, an Aspiration, … Continue reading

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Just As Pointless Clegg Thought It Clear: Rennard!

The Met Police have now launched formal investigation into allegations of inappropriate behaviour by Lib Dem peer Chris Rennard. Some would say, “It’s about time too!” LINK

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A Little Gift Set For Chris Huhne And Vicky Pryce

Just a few things we thought might help you out over the first 6 months.

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Government Special Advisers – “Spads”

Keep your eyes open for a follow-up to this as there does appear to be a lot of smoke here for dear old Clogger. Rumour has it he might have 15 of them! Keep it to yourself for now. The Fib-Dem … Continue reading

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