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Another Day, Another Political ‘Fiddle’ On The Expenses?

This is a good one! So as an MP of a party you need an office in your constituency to ‘do your work’ (don’t laugh). Who better to rent the office from than your own party? Now who do you … Continue reading

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Cameron Performs A Volte-Face On Green Issues

Off-Shore Cameron demonstrated just how devoid of principles he is today. With the polls looking to be turning against him he’ll do anything. With no ideas of his own all he can do is jump on a bandwagon; just as he … Continue reading

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The Joan L B Edwards Donation Of £421K Gets Odder

This follows on from our story below. It has come to light that Joan L B Edwards DID NOT leave £420,576 to the Tory Party. What Joan L B Edwards did was to bequeath a sum of £520,000 to the government … Continue reading

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The REAL South Shields By-Election Result

The usual old tosh from our politicians with Labour claiming 50.51% of the vote – Cobblers! The Harsh Facts Only 24,736 turned-out to vote, less than 40%. That means the number of eligible voters comes in at 62,974 (give or take a … Continue reading

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So What Do Our MPs Do While Sitting In The House Of Commons?

Not a lot if these photos are anything to go by. Sodding about on their phones seems to be the rule for the day. Some of them are sitting there typing into their tablets. The woman in pink is trying to … Continue reading

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Vicky Price Trial: Still We Wait

Jurors are continuing their deliberations in the retrial of Pryce, who is accused of perverting the course of justice. Pryce denies the charge, claiming a defence of marital coercion, and that the disgraced Huhne forced her to take the points. The first jury … Continue reading

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“All Change At Eastleigh – Change Here For All ‘Points’ West”

Having had what looks a lot like a year off, on full pay, Chris Huhne has finally pleaded GUILTY to ‘perverting the course of justice’. He is stepping down from Parliament after changing his plea where he faced trial over claims his ex-wife … Continue reading

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