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How Much Are Those At The BBC Paid With Tax Payer’s Money?

Sure, they love to claim that it isn’t a TV Tax, it’s a Licence. That’s all tosh, that’s like calling the 12 weeks Holiday the MPs have a Recess. Utter bollox! This is a very unscientific list of the pay … Continue reading

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Nasty Party Agree To A Rise In The TV-Tax From April

As a big thank-you from Tess May-Day for doing as they are told the BBC have been told that they can increase the TV-Tax. Of course, as it is a Flat Tax, the increase means little to all of her … Continue reading

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Nothing Original From Milibland As Hunt Adopts Tory Education Policy

Incapable of coming up with anything innovative Tristram Isa Hunt decides the easy route is to copy whatever Gollum Gove says. The policies of the Nasty Party and Labore (sic) Party are now indistinguishable when it comes to the schooling … Continue reading

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Shotgun Licence To Increase To £200 – Madness!

Yet another Nasty Party idea to make being part of society a Rich Mans sport. It would never occur to them that by increasing the licence four-fold it will make it more likely that people will keep shotguns illegally. A … Continue reading

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