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How Much Are Those At The BBC Paid With Tax Payer’s Money?

Sure, they love to claim that it isn’t a TV Tax, it’s a Licence. That’s all tosh, that’s like calling the 12 weeks Holiday the MPs have a Recess. Utter bollox! This is a very unscientific list of the pay … Continue reading

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Tess Publishes Her Full Price List For Awards To Be Issued Jan 1st 2018

Please note: If you have genuinely earned one of these then the charge is not made to your account. (There is frequent mention of the British Empire – whatever that is!) British Empire Medal (BEM) – £10,000 and agree to … Continue reading

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Dodgy-Dave Races Off On Holiday And Forgets To Lock-Up

Oh dear. Dodgy-Dave was so keen to get off on his holiday, yet again, he forgot to lock away some important documents in his office. Unfortunately, for him, our on the spot reporter has managed to get hold of one … Continue reading

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We Dare To Publish The List Of Names

These are the most popular baby names registered in the UK during 2011. What did you expect?

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