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Cameron Assures Us: “I Can NOT Be Bought!”

No Off-Shore. Of course you can’t!

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Cameron ‘Demands’ Net Companies Do More

Pretty sure Off-Shore Cameron doesn’t understand the trinity but he ‘demands’ action. The trinity, regular readers will know, is to identify three things: 1) An ISP 2) A Browser 3) A Search Engine He ‘demands‘ action but after THREE YEARS: … Continue reading

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So What If There Is A Register Of Those On The Lobby-Train?

It’s taken Off-Shore Cameron, nice tan by the way Davey Boy, three years to get nowhere with his registration of lobbyists. We started to wonder what use it would be anyway. Thought we’d take a look at “The Register of Members’ … Continue reading

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The House Of Lords & Commons- Is Anyone NOT ‘At It’?

Hardly any wonder the lazy gits get sod-all done. Even when they finally make it to their place of work all they are interested in is getting their snouts in as many troughs as they can get away with. Three years … Continue reading

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