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Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner – Whatever That Means

A study of the DNA of Londoners who died some 5,000 years ago will not please some political parties of the current day. It would appear that, even back then, there was a fair old ethnic mix. There are some … Continue reading

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The BBC Don’t Appear To Have Spotted A Protest March In The Centre Of London

At the time of writing this was still unreported on the BBC website. There has been a protest march at Shoreditch in east London as well as in the south at the Elephant and Castle over the soaring cost of … Continue reading

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Boorish Johnson Condemns The Use Of The Interweb

Boorish has claimed that all extremists are “losers” and use Porn at least 18 hours a day. How he knows these things is anybody’s guess. Of course in the Bizarre-World-of-Boorish just about EVERYBODY is an extremist if they didn’t go … Continue reading

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The World Is Not A Nice Place Just Now But Problems Do Not Just ‘Go Away’

There are dreadful events going on around the world which are way beyond the scope of this haphazard blog. Nobody here would even attempt to pass comment but not through any disrespect. Far from it; quite the opposite. There are … Continue reading

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A Tribute To Boorish Johnson – The Next Leader Of The Tory Party

Here at TheField we felt we all wanted to express just what it is that we feel when we hear the name – Boorish Johnson: Mayor of That-There London, MP for Oxbridge, Leader of the Nasty Party and, soon to be, Prime … Continue reading

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Is Boorish Mayor Of That-There London Trying To Be Funny?

So the Eton, Balliol College, Bullingdon Bully Boy, egocentric, self–obsessed Boorish, who does actually have a ‘job’, likes the look of a particular seat at the next Parliament. This would be for what he hopes will be his Erection in … Continue reading

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On A Quiet Newsday The BBC Report On The Mayor Of That-There London

You can tell it has been a Bank Holiday in England. Clearly, nobody in the BBC could be arsed to do anything but they still had hours of TV and radio to fill. What to do? What to do? So there … Continue reading

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