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People Respond To The Constant Lies Pumped Out By The Scum, Wail And Ex-Press

They have bought them all up and either dumped them or set fire to them. At least for one day their vile bile will not be read by so many gullible people. LINK

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City University Bans Fake Newspapers

City University in London has a well-respected journalism department and has decided that the time has come. They have had enough of all the Fake News going about so have decided to ban the Daily Mail, The Sun and The … Continue reading

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Chief Reporter Admits He Is ‘The Creator Of Fake News’ Shocker!

We here at TheField are staggered to discover that there are some people using the Interweb to spread fake news. At first we automatically assumed that The Wail, The Scum and The Ex-Press had finally been uncovered but it seems … Continue reading

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Have The Govt. Given Yet Another £1bn To It’s Millionaire Friends?

Well it sure as hell looks that way! The Great Royal Mail Give Away! Big City experts reckon that the Government’s valuation of the business is £1 billion too low. One firm of Stockbrokers, Panmure Gordon, said the Royal Mail could be … Continue reading

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We Uncover The Culture At The Daily Mail

Yes, This Is Definitely It

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