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Harriet Harman, The Daily Wail & The Tory Past

We are not too sure, other than a very pitiful attempt at a smear, what the Daily Wail thinks it’s up to. Having said that, we are not even going to waste time on The Tory Toilet Roll except to … Continue reading

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Crosby & Textor Work Hard To Turn Mitchell Into ‘Mr Cuddles’

Looks like the Tory Media Machine is out and about and trying to make-out that Mitchell didn’t do anything wrong and we should all feel sorry for him. What some tosh! Yes, a couple of boys in blue went well over … Continue reading

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Thatcher Vetoed Moving Hague To The Treasury: A “Gimmick” & An “Embarrassment”

Seems the 21 year old, precocious, William Vague didn’t impress Thatcher quite as much as we were led to believe. Seems even she considered such a move might just jar with those people who actually had some financial experience. LINK Seems she … Continue reading

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The Nasty Party Continue To Feed Us CRAP

The Nasty Party, lead by Off-Shore Cameron while Theresa ‘Maggie’ May waits in the wings, is making a big ‘up-and-downer’ about a few pensioners who draw a total of £410,000,000 a year. What a vile bunch the Nasty Party are. … Continue reading

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Mitchell: A Personal Editorial

Bet ’Wally’ Mitchell  wishes he could go back to happier days when the Tories and the Police were in each others pockets. Back to the Halcyon days when the police could do just about what they wanted to. The difference … Continue reading

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Not Top Of Our List As A Source But: Paedophile Cover-Up?

Here’s a link to another source for this story. LINK Seems the net needs to go a lot wider than the BBC.

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The Battle of Orgreave And The South Yorkshire Police

A group of 10,000 miners found there were 5,000 police facing them. The police then charged the miners but they did it on horseback. This was England, 18th June 1984. Police then doctored video footage that was presented to the … Continue reading

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