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Crosby & Textor Decide There Are ONLY 12 Pictures Of Cameron Allowed

According to Central Office Who Must Be Obeyed there are just 12 official photos of our wonderful President Prime Minister. Takes some believing but the Nasty Party are now out for total control of the media. These are the ones … Continue reading

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Crosby & Textor Work Hard To Turn Mitchell Into ‘Mr Cuddles’

Looks like the Tory Media Machine is out and about and trying to make-out that Mitchell didn’t do anything wrong and we should all feel sorry for him. What some tosh! Yes, a couple of boys in blue went well over … Continue reading

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Mitchell – Don’t Believe The Hype

Grant Shapps along with Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor have told the media what to do about Andrew Wally Mitchell. The media are falling over themselves to comply. Don’t forget he is an MP, he was the Chief Whip and … Continue reading

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