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May-Day Presides Over The Least Talented Party In Years

So Feely Fallon fell on his sword before May was forced to sack him. Can’t help thinking he only resigned not because his standards had “fallen short” but that he had been caught. Without the publicity we can’t see him … Continue reading

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May-Day Forced To Scrap Universal Credit 55p A Minute Charges – Eventually

We all knew it would be a disaster. It was the illegitimate off-spring of IDS and that hideous Esther McVile. It was never going to amount to anything remotely human. It was then taken over by that shit-for-brains David Dork. … Continue reading

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Vile Esther McVey Has Her Eye On The Seat Left Vacant By Giddy Osborne

The poor people of Tatton are going to have to suffer the dreadful Esther McVile knocking on their door and asking them to vote for her; if she can find where it is! Quite apart from just what a dreadful … Continue reading

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So How Long Do We Think Danny-Dimwit And Esther McVile Will Have To Wait For An Ermine Cape?

Probably nearer the truth to call it a vermin cape! We reckon these two will receive the standard present awarded to those who fail in the House of Commoners. It’s just a matter of time surely?

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