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Are You Noticing How Quickly Bad News For The Tories Is Obscured By Trivia?

Red Herrings And Dead Cats Lynton Crosby was the master of this. Alistair Campbell did the job before that. The task is simple – if a slice of news gets reported that doesn’t make us look good then get something … Continue reading

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Obedient Media Do As They Are Told By Gideon As He Causes A Minor Distraction

The BBC and SKY couldn’t wait to bring you this story from the office of Gideon Osborne. After years of working at the problem our famous Bullingdon Boy has come up with a scheme to end inheritance tax. Wow! The … Continue reading

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Roy Keane, Boorish Johnson And The Tale Of Two Taxi Drivers

It’s A Funny Old World Roy Keane has, finally, been cleared of harassing a taxi driver. He was made to appear at Manchester Magistrates’ Court where he was accused of making a two-finger gesture and shouting aggressively at Fateh Kerar … Continue reading

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Media Go Mad For News Of Two-Sheds Ed – LATEST UPDATE

The whole political world has been in a spin today as more and more reporters got a chance to interview Ed Miliband and find out the full story behind Two-ShedsGate. The good thing is that our top News outlets are … Continue reading

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The Royals – Just How Dumb Do The Media Think We Are?

The level of trivia that has been broadcast and printed has reached a new level. The term ‘trite’ wouldn’t be too harsh. Sky News has been toe-curling but the BBC has managed to sink even lower. The Royals have dared … Continue reading

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How Much Publicity Did Our Media Provide For French Attack??

Does nobody in the media realise that increased publicity gives unstable individuals ideas they may go on to carry-out? We are not advocating censorship, far from it, but do we really need to keep drumming it in to people every … Continue reading

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The Leveson Inquiry: Three Things They Want You To Ignore

There is a whole school of red herring swimming about with this one and the media are doing their very best. They are all working hard to make out that something they are not interested in is something that should … Continue reading

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