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Miliband Stitched Up Like A Kipper

If only Milibland read TheField on a regular basis he would have known the true motives behind the actions of Off-Shore Cameron. We may have got the strategy incorrect but we knew what the end game was about back in … Continue reading

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Milibland And His ‘Shadow’ Cabinet: How Many Can YOU Name?

Be honest, they’re Shadow alright, it’s like being at the football: “Who Are You? Who Are You? Who Are You?” Now we all know the other lot is a waste of space, or just pointless, but who, out of this lot, … Continue reading

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Best Get Used To It MiliBland – You Will Never Be Prime Minister

Why would anybody vote for MiliBland? You might as well vote for Off-Shore, Ibiza-Boy, Eton-Toff-Boy Cameron and get the unreal thing. Why bother with a cheap copy?

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Milibland Backs Free Schools ‘Under A Different Name’

No! We really are finding it difficult to spot the difference between these two. Has anybody seen them together, in the same room, any time recently?

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Ed Milibland Says, “Caps Will Not Be Reversed Under Labour”

 Poor old Ed gets more like The Ibiza-Boy, Off-Shore Cameron, everyday. LINK

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Cameron Organises Cabinet Meeting In A Local Brewery

“Get that down your neck!” The ‘thing’ about comedy Davey-Boy – it’s all about timing. We’d like to say, “Stick to the day job Dave” but you’re crap at that as well!

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What Was That You Said, Adenoid Ed?

Poor old Adenoid Ed Milibland is skating on some pretty thin ice from where we are sat. He needs to be a little bit careful because half the time we don’t actually have a clue what on earth Adenoid Ed … Continue reading

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Labour Present Their Two ‘Eded Monster

They are not trying to rewrite a bit of history are they? A full report to follow later but remind us all because we are not sure anymore. MiliBland did go to Corpus Christi College, Oxford didn’t he? Can we … Continue reading

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Off-Shore Cameron & Deadwood Milibland Compared

With Politicians wasting our time talking to themselves it might be interesting to check out the Body Language of these two jokers. On the plus side it has to be said that at least Deadwood faces front and looks at … Continue reading

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