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Andrew Wally Mitchell Looks On The Brightside!

At Least I’m Not In Prison!! YET!!!!! It’s NOT too late to take part in our exciting Mitchell v The Police Poll – LINK

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Crosby & Textor Work Hard To Turn Mitchell Into ‘Mr Cuddles’

Looks like the Tory Media Machine is out and about and trying to make-out that Mitchell didn’t do anything wrong and we should all feel sorry for him. What some tosh! Yes, a couple of boys in blue went well over … Continue reading

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Cameron Holds An “After Voting” Party

The Nasty Party had a party around at Off-Shore’s place to reflect on how the vote went on Tuesday. We estimate the wine bill alone was in excess of £120K. (Maybe. ff)

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“Excuse Me Sir – Do You Have Any Lights For That Bicycle?”

“If you have Sir, would you be kind enough to put them on in accordance with the Law.” Well we’ve had a good look and we darned if we can see any lights on his bike even though it is … Continue reading

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Justice For All

Notice how quickly the legal system swings into action because one politician lost his job? What a shame it wasn’t as quick when 96 people lost their lives.

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For Once Gollum Gove Is Actually Correct

Being the typical Nasty Party Tory Supporter, Gollum was dragged out, kicking and screaming, to say that everything about Wally Mitchell was misunderstood and he’s a jolly good chap. He claimed in an interview on TV that as voters we actually have … Continue reading

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Spot The ‘Wally Mitchell’ Picture 2

Can YOU spot him? Email us the instant you spot him!

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