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Rural Roll-Out Of Broadband: Half-Cock From Cameron As Usual

As usual all the lofty words from Cameron and Hunt (now £80K Miller) amount to bugger all out in the real world. Their idea of a Superfast Broadband Across The Country is already 2 years off the mark. By 2015 just 9 … Continue reading

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The BBC Gives Away £25M Of Our Money – “So What?”

The attitude of the BBC, which is not surprising seeing as that git Patton is Chairman of the BBC Trust, seems to be, “So What?” Just 150 BBC ‘managers’ (couldn’t manage a good fart between them. ff) managed to scoop up £25M … Continue reading

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HS2 Vote Up In That There London This Week – A Con Trick

Just as long as our politicians spend loads of money, that we haven’t got, up there in that there London that seems pretty fair to us. You can bet Ollie Let–Me-Have-A-Quiet-Life–Win will be putting the case forward for some of that … Continue reading

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