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New Year Resolutions

Come on then. Be honest. How many have you broken already???

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Happy New Year – 2018

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Happy Holidays And A Merry Christmas To All Our Readers

Let’s Hope 2017 Is A Whole Lot Better Than 2016.  

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We Have STILL Not Be Awarded A Gong That We Can Send Back

Hard to believe but another year goes by and the staff here at TheField have been overlooked yet again. Clearly not sucking-up to third-rate politicians has cost us dear and as we have only been on TV twice {most definitely not two-times} … Continue reading

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Party Heads Appear With ‘Their’ Thoughts For 2015 – Like We Don’t Know What They Really Want!!

It seems that the first out of the blocks is poor old Knock Clogger. It’s pretty obvious that the only thing on their tiny mind will be May 7th but it’s fun to see how they cloak their words. It … Continue reading

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CSI: Dog Do-Do DNA Detective Dept.

Here’s a great story to start the New Year with and it could only come from America. A condo complex in Jacksonville is so tired of dog do-do all over the place they are taking drastic action. They are gathering … Continue reading

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The New Year Honours List – Relief Again!

We are delighted to inform all our readers that, for yet another year, we have not had to refuse to accept any of the honours and trinkets being handed out. Like us here at The Field we feel sure you … Continue reading

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