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Does Tess May-Day Have Trouble With Her Hearing?

May-Day was criticised as “inhuman and uncaring” after she repeatedly dodged questions about the Grenfell Tower fire. In an interview on the BBC, Tess May called the incident which killed at least 58 people “absolutely horrifying”. But asked whether she … Continue reading

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Jeremy Paxman – We Couldn’t Resist This Annihilation Of Chloe Smith

An MP at the end of a line being played for 8 min. We will never tire of this one! With Paxo leaving the scene how will we have more wonderful moments like this?

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The BBC Gives Away £25M Of Our Money – “So What?”

The attitude of the BBC, which is not surprising seeing as that git Patton is Chairman of the BBC Trust, seems to be, “So What?” Just 150 BBC ‘managers’ (couldn’t manage a good fart between them. ff) managed to scoop up £25M … Continue reading

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The Pollard Review: Typical BBC Whitewash

The Pollard Review has been released today and it tells us absolutely bugger all. Not one member of the BBC Elite has been sacked or disciplined over the Sa-vile fiasco and subsequent cover-up. The Review Even though that waster Patton … Continue reading

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Is The BBC Fit For Purpose?

Nobody doubts that Steve Messham was abused as a child. It is also clear that he has a story to tell that it is legitimate for news teams to investigate what happened to him. If he had come to The … Continue reading

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Cameron Suffers From A Serious Memory Loss

Off-Shore Cameron has jumped on a passing bandwagon and tried to point another finger at the BBC. The classic line he has come out with is: “has effectively changed its story” He can say this with what appears to be … Continue reading

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