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Nicholson: NHS Involved In £2 Million Hush-Money

Nicholson claimed he was going to look into the Gagging Orders that had been applied to whistle-blowers to prevent the truth coming out. Seems he has done bugger-all and has just been watching his pension pot rise into the stratosphere. … Continue reading

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Cameron Has Nicholson Right Where He Wants Him

Off-Shore-Never-Answer-A-Question Cameron has the NHS chief just where he wants him and that is why he will not be sacking him anytime soon. You would think an Honourable Man would simply resign given the appalling outcomes of his actions but quite … Continue reading

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How Can This Man Imagine He Should Keep His Job & Pension?

Sir David Nicholson What an arse. ‘Nothing to do with me Gov’. At the very least he is certainly not worth the salary he is currently on because he has no bloody idea what is going on in the areas he … Continue reading

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