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Arming Teachers: The Thoughts Over On Facebook

I’m pretty sure there are a few teachers who follow me on FB. I was wondering – I held a shotgun licence for some 25 years until I gave it up last October. I was a half decent shot and … Continue reading

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Panorama: America’s Gun Addiction

The members of the Gun Lobby are totally BONKERS! Check it out on iPlayer. Link

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Is This Bloke A Moron? We Need To Be Told

Try to remember what the 2nd Amendment ACTUALLY refers to: It’s not about an INDIVIDUAL it’s about a bloody MILITIA! If you’ve got a couple of hours here is the LINK to a film by Michael Moore, as you’d expect … Continue reading

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The NRA: “An Armed Guard In Every School.”

Good grief! Only a half-wit, who has never worked in a school, would come up with such a ridiculous idea. The very thought that a man or woman stood on the premises with a gun at the ready would make … Continue reading

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