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Beyond The Limits Of Hypocrisy From The US

Having been more than happy to hack every European leader they have ever heard of, along with the possibility that Cameron helped them out, the National Security Agency has now staggered the world. On the day after it was revealed that the NSA … Continue reading

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“Blame Snowden!” Yeah, Right. He’s The Villian Of The Piece!!!!

When the shit hits the fan lets find someone to blame! When the truth comes out find a scapegoat. The States have been exposed as a Spying Capital on its allies and they don’t like it. They desperately need to find … Continue reading

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US Spies Working Hard To Muddy The Water

US spies are trying really  hard to make Edward Snowden the news story in the hope that the world will forget what the US spies have been up to. The US spies would really like it if you forgot everything … Continue reading

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So Just How Much Has The US Been Bugging The EU?

We suspect that a few of those who were so quick to condemn Edward Snowden this side of the pond might be having second thoughts now. LATEST The Red Herrings been thrown by the Americans might have just got even … Continue reading

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