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We Have High Hopes For The New Ofcom Boss But Has She Been Knobbled Already?

The last update we brought you on Broadband was back 07/11/2015 LINK. The key points were that High-Speed Broadband was recognised as being 30Mbps. Jeremy Isa Hunt got people talking about 24Mbps and then that cak-for-brains, Ed Vaizey, tried to … Continue reading

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This MUST Be Enough To Lock-Up Clarkson!

Clarkson and his use of a racial slur broke broadcasting rules according to Ofcom which must mean, if Ofcom has any balls whatsoever, that Fatboy Clarkson must serve time at HM Gaol. On his pitiful attempt at entertainment on a trip … Continue reading

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Clarkson Is Told By The BBC, “One More Offensive Remark, Anywhere, At Any Time”

Well that didn’t take long for the media regulator Ofcom to get on the Clarkson Case. They are looking into whether or not an episode of Top Gear in March breached its ‘contents standards’. It was a ‘Special’ based on … Continue reading

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4G Now Available To Everyone In The UK: Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Well maybe not as it happens. In fact there is no chance whatsoever of getting 4G and we would be surprised to see even a sniff of it in the next five years. EE have been allowed to roll it out ahead … Continue reading

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How Come The Cost Of Broadband Isn’t Dropping?

With politicians relying more and more on the public having access to the Interweb why are they not doing anything about the price? If more and more people are taking up broadband how come the price isn’t coming down? Where’s … Continue reading

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