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The Rules For An Interview With Dodgy Dave

Readers have contacted us here at TheField and asked us, “How come you spot when Dodgy-Dave is telling us all a porky?” Well readers, it’s easy really and here is a simple guide to help you. Listen to the original … Continue reading

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Dodgy-Dave Throws A £9M Dead Cat On The Table

Dodgy-Dave was hoping we’d all forget about his Off-Shore shares as he let it be known we have a leaflet coming our way. Ohh, how exciting! He’s spent £9,000,000 of our money to produce a 14 page booklet on why … Continue reading

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As Usual With Dodgy-Dave: Think About What He Leaves Out – Video

As is always the case when it comes to the Bullingdon Boy very often it is what he doesn’t say that is far more illuminating. He is always very careful with his words but all that actually does is reveal … Continue reading

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England Ashes Sponsor: “It’s Just NOT Cricket”

Nice spot from Private Eye concerning our, currently, very successful England Cricket Team. Two victories mean they have had lots of publicity and this must have pleased their Sponsor, Brit Insurance, no end. Slight problem though, even though they call … Continue reading

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Cameron – “Could I Possibly Interest You In This……..”

“…….Pile Of Shite?” “I’ve run it down as much as I possibly can.”

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Is Cameron Suffering From Selective Amnesia At The G8?

Does he never look in the mirror before he delivers his speeches? Tax Transparency indeed! Cameron And The Points We Think He Should Address

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Cameron ‘Chills-Out’ Waiting For The Latest Economic News

“I may just need to ease the belt out a notch or two. Eric! Come on in!”

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Cameron And His ‘Class Calculator’ Results

We have been lucky enough to get hold of the results of the ‘Class Calculator’ results of Off-Shore Cameron. It may come as a surprise to a good many of you. LINK In an exclusive interview Off-Shore told us, “In … Continue reading

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How Proud Will Cameron Be Going To Bed Tonight?

Well he has achieved something even Thatcher-The-Milk-Snatcher couldn’t manage.

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Can’t Help Thinking Mitchell-Gate Worked Out Well For Cameron

Off-Shore Cameron and his most senior civil servant, Sir Jeremy Heywood, have been criticised by an all-party committee of MPs’ over the way they handled the investigation into the Andrew Mitchell-Gate controversy. Now the odd thing is that Off-Shore was very quick to … Continue reading

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