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Gideon Osborne Tries To Pretend A Sows Ear Really Is A Silk Purse

Good old Gideon, he really is one hell of a laugh. So spaced out half the time and the rest left trying to grasp the significance of some numbers he has been provided with. All a bit too much for … Continue reading

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The Scammers Are Out In Force In Glasgow

Our under-cover reporter has made an amazing discovery. Working in the seedy side of politics has meant that she been able to let us in on a secret that the FibDems wanted held back. She told us, “Through my investigation … Continue reading

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GDP Just 0.6% – Gideon Osborne Is The Worst Economist Around

There has been some real bollox spin about today. The likes of Gideon is so desperate for  praise that he is applying all manner of self-congratulations to these meagre figures. While he bounces up and down pretending he understands economics … Continue reading

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Iain And Duncan Smith Avoid The Uncomfortable Truth

The Office for National Statistics said the number of people unemployed fell by 14,000 to 2.5 million between October and December 2012. The twins think that this can only be a good thing but then we do know he is a … Continue reading

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Inflation Rate Falls – Yeah, Right, Of Course It Has! Cobblers.

How odd. The Inflation Rate has fallen THIS month. They know it’s going up already come next month but THIS month it has dropped. So what is the significance of it being THIS month? It’s the one month that is used … Continue reading

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Pension Watch And An Alert

Anyone who thinks they might be drawing a pension at any time in their life might want to take note here. Link  A slimy bunch of toads are looking to mess around with how CPI and RPI are calculated. They … Continue reading

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