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Children Exploit Parents With Nothing Between Their Ears

The OFT is concerned about in-game charges, saying it has seen evidence of “potentially unfair and aggressive commercial practices” after studying 38 popular titles. It has not said which they are. LINK CHILDREN might be particularly susceptible to such tactics, it … Continue reading

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Another Libor Scandle? Shell & BP In ‘Price Fixing’ Inquiry

This could well make that ‘Inquiry’ the other month look pretty damn stupid. Looks like some people who have put a bit of an effort in feel there is some explaining to be done. LINK The real bummer, at this moment in … Continue reading

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What’s With This ‘Price At The Petrol Pumps’ Smoke-Screen?

The Office of Fair Trade seem to be blowing smoke over this issue. What seems to be ignored is the old mantra: ITTS It’s The (bloody) TAX Stupid! It’s Gideon Osborne and his constant application of TAX on fuel. Nice … Continue reading

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